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  • Why Home Phototherapy?

    Home phototherapy equipment for psoriasis treatment is both convenient and economical. Plus, home phototherapy narrowband UVB, UVB and UVA equipment is generally covered by insurance.

  • What is Phototherapy?

    Phototherapy is the use regular UV light treatments, prescribed by a doctor, to reduce or clear moderate to severe skin conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo and more.  Learn why treatment with phototherapy really works.  Phototherapy is safe and effective.

  • Our Mission

    SIGMA provides superior phototherapy products, knowledge, and value to our customers. We offer phototherapy home equipment and phototherapy systems for doctors' offices. Hundreds of thousands of people have chosen home phototherapy equipment from SIGMA for treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, acne and more.

  • Does light therapy have any side effects?

    Compared with medicine, phototherapy has few side effects. Common side effects for treatment are similar to sunburn and include erythema and aches.
    If sunburn-like symptoms occur, you should stop treatment and resume only after the erythema has faded.If serious sunburn occurs, you can use Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroid.If blisters occur, you should consult your doctor.

  • How should I protect myself during the treatment?

    a. You should always wear UV goggles during the irradiation process.
    b. Normal skin should covered properly with clothes

  • How many kinds of home-use ultraviolet photothe

    Home units are divided into three kinds according to the wave band for ultraviolet phototherapy units: narrow UVB, broad UVB and UVA. Narrow UVB and broad UVB can be irradiated separately so there is no need to combine the light therapy with medication. Currently, narrow UVB is most commonly used band in the world because it has few side effects. Broad UVB is used less because it causes sunburn easily. Always consult with your doctor before choosing a home therapy unit.

  • Who does the SH-1 work best for?

    The home-use SH-1 is widely used for:
    Patients who require treatment on their scalp;
    Patients who require treatment on small areas of their body;
    Patients who have difficulty going to medical appointments;
    Patients who, while in the hospital, require intensive treatment of certain areas.

  • What’s the difference in treatment between the

    The treatment area for the SH-1 is about 2cm×11cm. This unit is ideal for treating small skin lesions. For scalp treatment, a light comb is also available for the SH-1. The lamp waveband for the SH-1 is the same as that in large and middle-sized clinical-use equipment.

  • Which conditions can the SIGMA SH-1 treat?

    The SH-1 is mainly used to treat conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, chronic eczema, and neurodermatitis. This unit is aimed at :
    a. Half palm on the head;
     b. Small skin lesions in the underarm or groin area and conditions such as skin scrunching; c. In Hospital-use for certain areas that require intensive treatment ; d. Patients who have difficulty going to medical appointments.

  • What after-sales services does SIGMA provide for

    SIGMA offers a full one-year warranty on all of our products. During the warranty period, SIGMA is responsible for free product repair or replacement in case of natural quality problems. SIGMA will pay any shipping costs for product repair or replacement for one year. If problems occur after one year, you can call the special service line at 8621-64325721 or the after-sale service line at 8621-64325736. We offer full maintenance and service. For those in the high-usage category, we advise replacing the lamps after 500 hours of use. SIGMA can replace lamps and demarcate their output intensity.

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